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Top-notch smokeware, vapes, and accessories with an understated elegance

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Carlsbad, CA

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The Montblanc of smokeware, probably

Discreet luxury, elevated functionality. With a commitment to both craftsmanship and innovation, Vessel offers a range of sleek smokeware staples from ashtrays and storage to a range of precision-engineered vaporizers. Durability meets indulgence — what more can you ask for?

Committed to iterating beautifully on customer input since 2018, Vessel pieces are tried and true expressions of luxury and ingenuity. Vessel crafts sleek and elegant smokepieces with the utmost technical precision. Their reliable and high-performing vape models offer more consistent and enjoyable vaping experiences than disposable vapes, with more control over vapor production and overall performance. With a focus on durability and reliability, Vessel's models deliver indulgent experiences that continuously push the performance of vape pens. And they feel great in the hand.


Brand Values & Honors

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In their own words...


"From the moment you pick up any Vessel product, you’ll feel and see the difference. You’ll obsess over its signature design and character. We’re inspired by creating unforgettable designs, simplicity being paramount to our approach. Our promise is to make every experience more expressive and personal, and to deliver the best performance in our line. Our collection is an honest display of our attention to detail and craftsmanship that’s second to none.”

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