Frequently Asked Questions

How does the order for pickup and delivery with Flowerhead?

For products listed and available for delivery on Weedland DIRECT, Flowerhead partners with trusted delivery services like GrassDoor and Ciclo to facilitate secure and efficient cannabis deliveries. After placing an order on Weedland's website, it will be prepared and delivered by these partners.

If you choose the SHOP RETAIL button, this will open the ProperConnect widget. Based on your location, ProperConnect will check for the availability of that product/brand in your area. You will then see a list of retailers who carry that product/brand. Click on the retailer of your choice and you’ll be led to their website. At that point, it’s between you and the retailer.

Which delivery services does Flowerhead Direct use for shipments?

Weedland Direct collaborates with leading delivery partners such as GrassDoor and Ciclo to ensure a seamless delivery experience for customers.

Are delivery fees included in the purchase on Flowerhead's website?

Delivery fees may vary depending on your location and the delivery partner used. These fees are typically calculated during the checkout process.

What is the estimated delivery time for orders placed on Flowerhead?

Delivery times can vary based on your location, traffic, and other factors. Flowerhead provides estimated delivery times during the checkout process to give you an idea of when to expect your order.