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Nature-crafted clay and ceramic "stonerware"

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San Francisco, CA

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Smokeware made from earth by hand in California

Summerland makes thoughtful smokeware from earth by hand in Northern California. Their small batch ‘stonerware’ pieces are crafted to harmonize sustainability, function, and aesthetics. Their classic collection of stonerware is made from Earth's elements, including ceramic bongs, clay pipes and housewares like incense holders. Designed to be enjoyed by the eye, the hand, and the lungs equally, Summerland’s charming smokepieces feel great in the hand and all look like the prettiest flower vase there ever was. Each piece is one of a kind and for every bong sold, the good folks at Summerland plant a tree. Pretty rad to us.


Brand Values & Honors

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Hand Crafted Stonerware at Summerland

In their own words...


"This ’stonerware’ is proudly constructed in small batches in Northern California, USA. Designed by the ritual of connection with nature, our pieces are built fron the Earth itself. Sustainability, function and form are equivalent to us, and we do not settle for less. One tree is planted with every bong sold.

Summerland stands by a simple principle: Made from Earth, by hand, in California. So sink back into your hammock and breathe deep, friend."

Home sweet home...

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