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Pride Preroll

Uplifting and cerebral experience

Nose:  coffee and earthy overtones

Effects: When smoked in small amounts, Sour Cookies offers an uplifting and cerebral experience. In larger amounts, you can expect a deep relaxing couch-lock effect.

In celebration of Pride, Drew Martin is releasing “One Queer Pre-Roll” a limited-edition joint featuring flower grown by Bohemian Chemist—an LGBTQ owned farm in Mendocino. $1 from every sale will fund gender-affirming fashion line Urbody’s Fully Human Give Back Program, which supports trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community members who create art as a way of reviving history, telling stories, healing trauma, and pursuing the things that make them feel fully human.

THC: 21.6%
CBD: 1.1%
Total Cannabinoids: 23.1%
Terpenes:B-Myrcene / B-Caryophyllene / Limonene


Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Diesel

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From hopping trains out of Chang Mai to working on a cannabis farm, Drew Martin is an herbalist, James Beard award-winning mixologist, and wanderer.

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