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Los Angeles, CA

Dedicated to moments of indulgence, thoughtfully expressed through permissible vices.

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We believe that joy lies in the little things; that indulging yourself shouldn't feel taboo or be reserved for hidden moments.

We see the culture and stigma of smoking maturing and believe that the products used to enjoy it should evolve as well.

Made of high-quality 4mm thick, borosilicate glass, this piece features an angled mouthpiece and a molded indent for an ergonomic grip that also tucks away the bowl and downstem. The silicone footer protects the glass from damage, hides unsightly water, and indicates the recommended water line for the perfect hit. Two different bowls and an extra downstem are always included in case of those inevitable accidents. Included are water-tight silicone caps that allow you to clean your Session Bong with a good shake. The caps also nest neatly together for compact storage.

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